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The Good Robot Book

9781350399969 - Final Cover Image.jpg

In this edited collection of essays, leading feminist scholars, technologists and activists show why technology needs feminism. Cutting across disciplinary differences and intergenerational divides, the essays demonstrate the breadth of feminist thinking about technology. From Buddhist approaches to making AI ‘compassionate’, to indigenous cultural perspectives on re-thinking relationships between humans and AI, this book offers powerful and provocative alternatives to the status quo. For some contributors, good technology means making AI more inclusive. For others, it means stepping back from new technologies altogether and ‘getting off’ social media. University of Cambridge AI ethicists Dr Eleanor Drage and Dr Kerry McInerney bring together a variety of top thinkers in the field, who provide diverse and expansive responses to the question of ‘what is good technology?’. Each essay acts as a bright spark, an illuminating snapshot of how feminism is reshaping the way we think about technology. Collectively, the essays create a constellation of ideas, laying out a path for us to build a  better technological future. 

Cover Illustration: Sinjin Li

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